Guaranteed Access


Our Program


Purchase a share in a jet through our Ownership program at a fraction of the cost of acquiring an entire aircraft.

Each 1/5 share guarantees 75 occupied hours of usage per year with 24 hours of notice. Owners do not pay for flight hours spent ferrying empty aircraft.

Enjoy the tax and operational benefits of having a plane without all the work. Fractional ownership programs such as ours consist of an initial buy-in, a monthly fee, and a guaranteed hourly rate.

Use the Jet Token App to reserve your jet or charter others; easy access, all in one place.


Enjoy the benefits of guaranteed access without the larger hourly commitment of purchasing a fractional interest.

A Membership includes 25 occupied hours of guaranteed usage per year with 24 hours of notice. Pay one upfront amount and then fly for a fixed hourly rate over the next twelve months.

We’ll help you match the right asset to the right mission and can arrange to allocate a limited portion of your 25 hours to charter other aircraft.

Members do not pay for flight hours spent ferrying empty aircraft and may use the JetToken App to access their jet or to charter others.

The Jet Token App

Travel on your terms…No hassle, no ongoing commitment, no surprises.

Our smartphone App conveniently replaces the numerous steps required for a traditional charter booking. Fly on our fleet in the Western US or globally on any one of thousands of other aircraft.

Enter your travel plan and the number of passengers, and we’ll search thousands of aircraft to display a variety of options in the app. Choose your preferred option, and we’ll go another step and check ten other providers to make sure you are getting the best price. Once you confirm and provide payment information it’s off to the airport.

With the Jet Token App, simply look, book and fly.

*The Jet Token Jet Card and Fractional program is operated under Part 135 by a U.S. air carrier. Additional program terms and conditions apply. Prospective customers should consult with their sales director or contracts team. Travel on peak days will incur a 30% surcharge. An hourly surcharge and 120-hour callout notice is required for peak day travel. Fuel Component Adjustment (FCA), taxes, and other applicable fees, including international fees and fees for travel outside the primary service area, are not included in the hourly rate and will be deducted from the account balance as flown. Operational flexibility is required for International travel to and from the U.S, including Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. The FCA is updated monthly based on current fuel rates, and all pricing is in U.S dollars. Pricing and service levels are subject to change. Actual terms and conditions are subject to definitive agreements.